Michel and Augustin are two childhood friends who met in school and who shared the CRAZY dream of making the entire planet smile after revolutionizing the WORLD. 

Today, Michel and Augustin could be summarized as hundreds of simple recipes, unique and tasty, cooked with the know-how of French pastry-makers, prepared in France or in Europe with high-quality ingredients. It is also the unbelievable human and happy adventure of 90 "trûblions", all trained in Paris, Lyon and NYC Bananeraies. A unique adventure, well-known for its creativity and dynamism !


Why sponsor is Michel and Augustin supporting le Noël de la French Tech ?

What dream do they share at La Bananeraie? 

1/ Spread the French bakery expertise all over the world, making simple and tasty recipes thanks to high quality ingredients. 

2/ AND support any homo sapiens sapiens who wants to be an entrepreneur of any kind !

"Le Noël de la French Tech is simply the colorful encounter between our two main passions : taste and entrepreneurship ! Congratulations for all your crazy projects. Keep living with passion ;)"