Once upon a time... The beautiful story of IDCOOK, Au Vieux Campeur and le Noël de la French Tech!

Us, at the Noël de la French Tech, we love beautiful stories! So when IDCook told us their solar lighter got noticed by the famous brand Au Vieux Campeur, we were super happy!

IDCook, before all, is the story of 3 friends : Gatien, Guillaume and Gilles (or the 3G from the sunniest parisian startup as they are known in the industry), who love nature and technology. So when, 11 years ago, Gilles went to Toronto in search of inspiration after he quit his job in finance, the Suncase was obvious! 

This year, they are happy to be part of the Noël de la French Tech, to meet many other incredible startups and to win a new visibility on social media. And then IDCook sent a newsletter telling about this new project, Au Vieux Campeur jumped on the chance. Seduced by this innovative product, by theyr shared DNA and by the French Tech effect, Au Vieux Campeur ordered their lighters to sell them in their shops. Hop Hop Hop in only a week, commands were made. High speed mode activated!

In short, SunCase will be under the Au Vieux Campeur Christmas Tree, and for us, it is already a huge, huge Christmas gift. Because, it is also what makes the Noël de la French Tech what it is : a bond between traditional actors and startups, between the internet and points of sale and between smart lighters and aunties desperetly looking for a unique present for their nephew!